In addition to traditional veterinary medicine, we are proud to offer several areas of complementary medicine here at Graham Animal Hospital.


Animal Chiropractors understand that the spine and nervous system must function properly in order to maintain overall health. Using subtle adjustments, we can improve a pet’s movement and have a profound impact on their quality of life. Dr. Bracchetti’s love of animals and her involvement in the dog world led her to the study of animal chiropractic. In 1998, Dr. Bracchetti successfully completed the animal chiropractic certification program offered by Options for Animals. She has maintained an animal practice ever since.


Our own team member Dr. Dawn Hughes-Bissonnette proudly offers acupuncture to our clients. Using very small needles to stimulate specific points over your pet’s entire body, acupuncture can be used to treat a wide variety of health concerns. Generally, this procedure is a low-stress addition to conventional treatments that can make a significant difference in treating both acute and chronic health problems.

Laser Therapy

This pain-free cold laser therapy is used to reduce pain or inflammation caused by a variety of reasons. From post-op healing, orthopedic pain, soft-tissue injuries, arthritis, or wound healing, this non-invasive procedure is a great option for our pets.


Veterinary homeopathy can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine under the supervision of a knowledgeable veterinary team. Both dogs and cats may benefit from homeopathic treatment, either during acute or chronic illnesses. Consulting with our veterinary team before starting homeopathic treatments will ensure proper evaluation of the appropriateness of the treatment and minimize or avoid interactions with other medications.